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We offer you an extraordinary meat experience!

Highest meat quality through special rearing, short distances and regular controls

A characterful taste

The fine marbling, the high proportion of intra-muscular fat, but an overall lower water and total fat content, are particularly popular with meat connoisseurs. The exclusive herb and grass diet gives the meat a natural boost of omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants!

Highest meat quality

We achieve this extraordinary meat quality on the one hand through the special rearing of our animals – a diet rich in herbs, lots of movement and a slow growth.

On the other hand, we attach great importance to a stress-free slaughter, a slaughter age of min. 30 months and a long maturation of the meat.

Locally produced and short distances

From the birth through the rearing of the cattle to the sale, every step takes place in Luxembourg.

Short transport routes and careful handling of our animals are a matter of course for us.

A transparent production line

In order to maintain these high standards, we work with trustworthy partners in Luxembourg, who are also subject to the controls of the label.

When it comes to slaughter, we work with “Abattoir Ettelbruck” and the meat is processed by “La Provençale”.