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Sustainable use of pastures

Robust cattle races acting as landscape managers

A sustainable use…

To maintain pastures worthy of protection with robust cattle, we rely on an extensive and sustainable use of the local vegetation. This means that we use the pastures very naturally:

-Few animals graze on very large areas (max. 8 adult animals on 10 ha),

-No fertilisers

-No use of pesticides

-No machine work

...all year round

The focus of this approach is on year-round grazing. Our animals are on the pastures during all seasons of the year and take care of these, even in winter.

Their food is exclusively composed of grass, herbs and shoots of bushes that naturally occur here. Our cattle can retreat to a shelter and in winter, additional late-mown hay is available.

This is how we practice nature protection

This gentle year-round grazing promotes nature protection in many ways. The low density of animals fosters the development of grasses and herbs as well as the diversity of rare plants and animals on site.

The open country character of the areas is conserved and a mosaic of different levels of vegetation is created – this is essential for the development of different species of plants and animals.