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Animal welfare

Satisfied and happy animals are the top priority for our farmers

Calves can stay with mom in the herd

Our animals are herded naturally and spend their entire lives on pasture, with access to an open shelter.

In spring, our calves are born in the pastures and stay with their mother, who raises them with mother milk. This rearing strengthens their vitality and they can gather enough strength for winter time.

A diet consisting of pasture grass and herbs only

The food of our animals is exclusively composed of grass, herbs and shoots of bushes they find on the pastures in nature reserves. In winter their feed is supplemented with late-mown hay. We allow no additional feeding through any other means, other than some hay in the winter.

Our label prohibits any use of processed feed or genetically modified plants or feed.

In the pasture all year round

Our animals can fool around during the whole year on the pastures, even in winter, and have a lot of space. A maximum of 8 animals live on 10 hectares, thus a very low density.

Shelters are available for the animals as a place of retreat. Read more about the cattle breeds of our label, which are adapted to year-round grazing.